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Qalandar Zaat Urdu Novel by Amjad Javed
Qalandar Zaat Urdu Novel by Amjad JavedQalandar Zaat Urdu Novel by Amjad Javed

Qalandar Zaat Novel 1st episode01
Qalandar Zaat Novel 2nd episode02
Qalandar Zaat Novel 3rd episode03
Qalandar Zaat Novel 4th episode04
Qalandar Zaat Novel 5th episode05
Qalandar Zaat Novel 6th episode06
Qalandar Zaat Novel 7th episode07
Qalandar Zaat Novel 8th episode08
Qalandar Zaat Novel 9th episode09
Qalandar Zaat Novel 10th episode10
Qalandar Zaat Novel 11th episode11
Qalandar Zaat Novel 12th episode12
Qalandar Zaat Novel 13th episode13
Qalandar Zaat Novel 14th episode14
Qalandar Zaat Novel 15th episode15
Qalandar Zaat Novel 16th episode16
Qalandar Zaat Novel 17th episode17
Qalandar Zaat Novel 18th episode18
Qalandar Zaat Novel 19th episode19
Qalandar Zaat Novel 20th episode20
Qalandar Zaat Novel 21st episode21
Qalandar Zaat Novel 22nd episode22
Qalandar Zaat Novel 23rd episode23
Qalandar Zaat Novel 24th episode24
Qalandar Zaat Novel 25th episode25
Qalandar Zaat Novel 26th episode26
Qalandar Zaat Novel 27th episode27
Qalandar Zaat Novel 28th episode28
Qalandar Zaat Novel 29th episode29
Qalandar Zaat Novel 30th episode30
Qalandar Zaat Novel 31st episode31
Qalandar Zaat Novel 32nd episode32
Qalandar Zaat Novel 33rd (last) episode33
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of Book:

Qalandar Zaat by Amjad Javed is a Socio Cultural, Action Adventure epic Novel on the Transformation of a man from one type of Qalandar (Caste) to second type of Qalandar (Sufi Title). The Qalandar Caste belonged to the Sufi order of the Qalandariyah Faqirs, who took the profession of Bear-Dog Fighting OR leading bears, monkeys, goats and dogs or other performing animals and wandering with them, announcing their presence with an hour glass shaped small drum called a DAMRU. These Qalandars mastered the art of Capturing Wild Animals, Breaking and Taming Them to perform certain acts, on their commands. The Qalander (Sufi Title) is given to a wandering Sufi Darvesh (Saint) who is at a very high level of spirituality. They are different from other saints and they have a very strong feelings of love in them. Qalandars, amongst the saints, are those persons who may enjoy freedom from the ties and bounds of Time and Space. Qalandars have always spread the message of love and humanity. Jamal the lead character of this Novel was a Caste Qalandar, who learned the Art of Breaking Arrogant Stubborn People, Bending Them to his will and breaking them at all if necessary. He was a hiredgun and professional hitman, who strongly believe in violence and might is right. How this man with the passage of time, transformed into other Qalandar who is all love and peace, is the topic of this Novel, which is being published in Monthly Naye Ufaq Urdu Digest.

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