KurKure Kirdar (Collection of Humorous Articles on Real Life Characters) by Arifa Subah Khan, Humour n Satire, Tanz o Mazah

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Kurkuray Kirdar by Arifa Subah Khan is a humour and satire book on our real life characters mostly about relatives. All characters of this books are as alive and real as life itself. Read the book and you will find many of your own relatives in the book. Being a journalist and writer she has wide and deep observation and she portrayed all the characters sketches expertly. The reader amuse and wonder by reading so many varities of even a single character all described in the book. Arifa Subah Khan has already 2 books on her credit named Shut Up and Ma Badolat. This is her 3rd book on humour. Following characters are included in this book: Me bhi aik kirdar hoon, Majazi Khuda, Uff yeh bivian, Khala, Khalu Jaan, Nand, Chichu Chacha, Nani, Damad Ji, Bahu Rani, Chanda Mamu, Baji Jaan, Bhai Jaan, Father in Law, Sala Sahib, Jeth re Jeth, Dadi Amma, Sali, MaaN, Abba Mian, Bahna, Cousin, Samdhi or Samdhan, Dost or Saheli, Mehboob Mehbooba, Parosi or Parosan, Colleague, Moonh bole rishte, Dushman Jaan, Humzad

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