Phullan De Rang Kalay & Saray Gulab Le Jana by Faiza Iftikhar (Two Heart Touching Social Romantic Novels)

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Phulan Day Rang Kalay by Faiza Iftikhar

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Phulan Day Rang Kalay is a collection of two Social Romantic Novels written by famous Writer, Novelist and TV Dramatist Faiza Iftikhar. Both Novels (Phullan De Rang Kalay & Saray Gulab Le Jana) are written on different themes and topics. Phullan De Rang Kalay is one of the earlier stories of her writing career, yet its one of the best. Though story is not real but all the characters in this story are taken from real life. Momina is writer's most favourite character and she focused on all of her qualities. Saray Gulab Le Jana is another Novel got very popular mainly because of its male lead character Ashir Malik.

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