Labbaik... A Travelogue and Reportage of Mumtaz Mufti's Hajj-e-Bait Ullah with a unique writing style

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Labbaik is a travelogue and reportage of Mumtaz Mufti's Hajj. Its a classic of Urdu and is one of the best selling books in Pakistan. In this journey he was accompanied with Qudrat Ullah Shahab and had many mystical experiences. Mumtaz Mufti (1905  October 1995), was a writer from Pakistan. In the beginning of his literary career, Mumtaz Mufti was considered a non-conformist writer having liberal views. Like Mumtaz Shireen he appeared influenced by Freud. As Ashfaq Ahmed, a close friend, once said before partition, Mumtaz Mufti used to read unpopular literature and even novels by a Swedish writer. He disliked the partition plan but later became a patriotic Pakistani and defender of Islam and its principles. His main transformation from a liberal to a hardline sufi came about after he came under the influence of Qudrat Ullah Shahab. All the same, he did manage to retain his individual accent and wrote on subjects which were frowned upon by the conservative elements in society. He writings more or less resemble Sadat Haddan Manto

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