Apollo (Action Adventure Suspense Thriller, Clash of Super Natural Powers Novel) by Dr. Sabir Ali Hashmi

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The Novel Apollo is an action adventure suspense thriller story by Dr. Sabir Ali Hashmi, who has many similiar stories on his credit. Its a story of a young man who has lost his memory and trying to figure out who is he and why unknown enemies are trying to kill him. Why even some great powers of the world are also taking interest in him. Why some evil powers and black magic mystic men are also after him. He has some super natural powers too but yet he has to discover and travel a lot to find his past and future. The story is named on Apollo, the ancient Greek and Roman god of light, healing, music, poetry, prophecy, and manly beauty. In this story the hero encounters many terrible as well as romantic situations

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The Novel Apollo, Action Adventure Suspense Thriller Story, Stories and Novels, Lost Memory Case of a Young Man, finding past and future, great powers of the world, Evil Powers and Black Magic Mystic Foces, Super Natural Powers, Discover oneself, past and future telling, The Ancient Greek and Roman god of Light Healing Music Poetry Prophecy and Manly Beauty, Manly Handsome, Terrible as well as Romantic Situations.

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