Sayah Dhund (Dark Black Fog) Horror Fiction, Black Magic, Supernatural Power Novel by Sahir Jamil Syed

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Sayah Dhund (Black Fog) by Sahir Jamil Syed is a fiction story, based on battle between Black Magic, Evil Powers from Darkside and the good souls and man. The story tells the age old desire of man to be immortal and most powerful by using Black Magic, Evils Powers and by submission to Devil. The story also tells that the struggle of good and evil is as old as the man itself and it will never end till the doomsday. The novel is about a hindu pandit (guru) who wanted to be immortal and the most powerful and determinant to gain this by any means. The novel is also about a muslim, who was the biggest hurdle in the path of Evil Pandit. Who won this battle? The Evil Guru or the Muslim innocent man? Read this novel to find out. We hope, our readers interested in Horror Thriller Stories, Kala Jadu and Sifli Amal stories will like this novel

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