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Thora Sa Asman Socio Cultural Novel by Umera Ahmed

of Book:

Thora Sa Asman by Umera Ahmed is a Social Reforming Novel and Best Seller Urdu Novel like Peer-e-Kamil, Aab-e-Hayat, Amar Bail & Man o Salwa. The novel is about ours and everyone's inner most desire to touch the sky, to get the highest level of achievement. We try so hard and jump too high to touch the sky that sometimes, we let go the solid ground, and when we cannot reach the sky, the ground also refuse to accept us. Umaira Ahmed tells her readers in preface of the novel that we all like good characters of the novels and stories we read and try to look ourselves in them, whereas in real life, we are actually playing bad characters. Umera Ahmad also suggests her readers to try a different approach this time and look themselves in the bad characters of this novel and try to realize the flaws and do efforts to get rid of them.

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