History of Tipu Sultan (Biography of Tiger of Mysore), Translation of Sword of Tipu Sultan by Bhagwan Gidwani(

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History of Tipu Sultan (The Sword of Tipu Sultan) is an historical research work on the biography, war history and social reforms of Tippu Sultan (Shere Mysore) by Muhammad Zahid Malik. The book (Biography of Tipu Sultan) basically is a translation of Samuel Strandberg book, Tipu Sultan: The Tiger of Mysore. The book The sword of Tipu Sultan by Bhagwan Gidwani inspired Samuel Strandberg to re-write the biography of Tipu Sultan for Swedish and Western History Readers who want to know who was Tipu Sultan and what was his role in Indian Ruler History and again East India Company. Infact, Tipu Sultan was the only prince who stood against British Army of East India Company. Indian and Muslim History Lovers will sure like this interesting book. Following chapters are included in this book: South India, Geological and Political properites of Mysore, Political Map of Mysore, Hindustan in 1700, Battles fought in 1700, Prisoner of War, The birth and childhood of Tipu Sultan, Rebellion against Hyder Ali, Haider Ali & Tipu Sultan, War Training of Tipu Sultan, The first battle of British and Mysore, Battle with Marhattas, Coalition with Nizam of Hyderabad against East India Company, Peace Treaty with East India Company, Wedding in Srirangapattana (Seringapatam), General Methew and Bijnor, tipu sultan library, managerial reforms, silk production, new calendar, tipu sultan and religion, campaign on sringapatam,  peace treaty of seringapattam, seven year of peace, Richard Wellesley and Lord Cornwallis, Tipu Sultan and Napoleon Bonaparte, Pen Friendship, Rourth War of British Army and Mysore, The Last Battle, Burial of Tipu Sultan, General of Tipu Sultan, Abstract of Tipu Sultan history.

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