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Children Books » Mission Aman (Peace)

Collection of full length dramas for kids and pre-teens by Saima Elahi. Following dramas are included in this collection: Mission Aman, Sohail Ki Shararat, Yadgar Shadi, Aik or Ho Jaye and Saadgi

Research Work (Literature) » Ghalibyat Per 3 Yaadgar Taqreerain

Ghalibyaat per teen yaadgaar taqreeraiN (collection of speeches on Ghalib) by Sanjay Godbole, an indian writer and researcher. Following speeches are included in this book: Banaras Se Mutalliq Ghalib Ka Nazarya (Chiragh-e-Dair Ki Roshni Me) Dr. Ali Sardar Jaffari, Allama Kali Das Gupta Riza ki aik yaadgaar Taqreer, Ghalib Ke Khutoot or unki Adbi Ahmiat by Dr. Khaleeq Anjum

Poetry (General) » Rang-e-Gulnar by Sarwar Alam Raz

Rang'e Gulnar (poetry book) is a collection of ghazals of Sarwar Alam Raz Sarwar

Poetry (General) » Mosame Gul Heran KhaRa hay

Mosame Gul heraan khaRa hay (poetry book) by Kaleem Ahsaan Butt

Afsanay (Short Stories) » Landscape Ke GhoRe

Landscape ke ghoRe is a collection of afsaanay (short stories) by Musharraf Alam Zauqi, very famous indian writer and Novelist. His work is also used for Stage Dramas, TV Dramas and Telefilms. Following short stories (afsanay) are included in this book: Physics, Chemistry, Algebra Incubator Landscape ke ghoRay Fridge mein aurat Beti bhuray baloN wali laRki Kaju Anarkali, umer 54 baras Elergy banam hoRa ke sadeep roy Pani ander ander ghas Noor Jahan, Phool Jahan or can ka sofa, aik muthi khak Laboratory Ahmadabad 302 Meel Yeh kisi thaki hoi raat ki dastaan nahi Yeh kisi thaki hoi raat ki dastaan nahi 2 Iqbalia Bayan Sannatay mein tara Buray mousam ke bay had udas dinoN mein yeh kitaab.

Poetry (General) » Roshni Ae Roshni

Roshni Aey Roshni is a poetry book by Shakeeb Jalali (Syed Hasan Rizvi) (late). He died at the ripe age of 33. He is a very famous and popular pakistani poet.

Columns / Articles » Pahar Mujhe Bulata Hay

This book contains collection of Essays(inshaie) by Akbar Hameedi. He is a well known pakistani essay writer, sketch writer and critic. He has written over 17 books. Following Essays are included in this book: Khali Garage, Humayun ka aik din, shoq-e-fuzool, dahshat gerd, pahar mujhe bulata hay, name badname, telephone call, Gujranwala, aag, machhlioN bharay talaab, kamyabi ki devi, yeh tondain, mehman-e-khususi, aik falsafi ki mukhalifat mein, apni dunia, wall clock ke peechay, mein kahan hoon, zero point.

Children Books » Hikayaat (Stories for Kids)

This book contains collection of hikayaat (very short stories) for children by Murtaza Ashar. He is a pakistani columnist, poet and writer. He wrote for many urdu newspapers. Follwing stories are included in this book: Berkat, husn-e-sulook, dayanat, hazir jawabi, sach-chai, zahanat, azeem hukmaran, niyyat, bertari, danaie, andha faqir, touba, ahsaas, mashwara

History (Pakistan) » 1947 Ke Mazalim Ki Kahani

1947 Ke Mazaalim Khud Mazloomon Ku Zubani (Stories of Cruelty and Ruthless Mass Murder of Muslims during Indo Pak Partition) is a book by Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Chughtai. The book basically is a compilation and collection of terrible memories of true events and incidents (mostly taken from Urdu and Sayyara Digest) narrated by victims and survivors of August 1947 Indo Pak Partition era and how they lost almost everything living in India and during migration to Pakistan. How the then British Indian Government, Hindus and Sikh combined hands for the mass killing of muslims and maximum economical damage to their works and businesses. This is a must read book and a real eye opener for young generation who have no idea what their elders sacrificed for the independence and Pakistan. These real stories also unveil the true face of prejudice Hindu and intentions of India against Pakistan

Research Work (Literature) » Taraqqi Pasandi, Jadeediat, Ma-bad Jadeediat

Taraqqi Pasandi, Jadeediat, Ma-bad Jadeediat by Dr. Gopi Chand Narang, is a collection of high class critical essays. Dr. Gopi Chand Narang is an outstanding personality of India. He has many books, awards, medals, honours and posts on his credit.


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