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Poetry (General) » Roshni Ae Roshni

Roshni Aey Roshni is a poetry book by Shakeeb Jalali (Syed Hasan Rizvi) (late). He died at the ripe age of 33. He is a very famous and popular pakistani poet.

Poetry (General) » Mosame Gul Heran KhaRa hay

Mosame Gul heraan khaRa hay (poetry book) by Kaleem Ahsaan Butt

Poetry (General) » Rang-e-Gulnar by Sarwar Alam Raz

Rang'e Gulnar (poetry book) is a collection of ghazals of Sarwar Alam Raz Sarwar

Poetry (General) » Kun Fa'Yakoon

Kun fayakoon by Aslam Badr, an Indian Poet. An epic poem (book) written in the form of masnawi, on the creation of universe by Islamic Point of View. It also discusses other religions point of view.

Poetry (General) » Chupke Se Uter Mujh Me

Chupke se uter mujh mein, a poetry book of Murtaza Ashar, pakistani poet