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Children Books » Mission Aman (Peace)

Collection of full length dramas for kids and pre-teens by Saima Elahi. Following dramas are included in this collection: Mission Aman, Sohail Ki Shararat, Yadgar Shadi, Aik or Ho Jaye and Saadgi

Afsanay (Short Stories) » Phulkari By Ishfaq Ahmad

Phulkaari is a tremendous collection of short stories written by the pen of Ishfaq Ahmad. In this book some of the very awesome stories like Dao, Rishwat, Apni Zaat, Salam'tay Ki Maan are included. Dao, a short story written by Ishfaq Ahmad was included in the syllabus of Urdu Text Book of Punjab. A must read. -Kitaabiyat

Novels (Social Reformal) » Dar-o-Rasan K Baad By Gohar Sultana Uzma

Dar-o-Rasan K Baad is a story of two sisters who were exactly opposite in behaviors. One of them married an old wealthy man but the other one chose an artist to be her husband. What happened next?

Novels (Social Reformal) » Tahira By Abdul Haleem Sharar

Tahira: Tahira is a story of a Muslim Indian girl who was raised in English environment, due to which Muslim Aalims declared her an "English Girl". But what happened when they came to know about the relations between Muslims of Middle East and the Christians? Story of love, hate and behavioral conflict between The Indian Muslims and The British. -Kitaabiya

Research Work (Literature) » Janasheen-e-Daagh: Bhai Jaan Aashiq

Jaanashin-e Daagh: Bhai Jaan Aashiq (tehqeeqi mazmoon) by Sanjay Godbole, an indian writer and researcher. This book is about Hazrat Daagh Dahalvi-s Student Bhai Jaan Aashiq

Poetry (Hamd o Naat) » Jahaan-e-Naat

Jahaan-e Naat (collection of naat-e rasool-e maqbool (SAW) by Safdar Hamdani, a Pakistani Poet and Journalist

Poetry (General) » Kun Fa'Yakoon

Kun fayakoon by Aslam Badr, an Indian Poet. An epic poem (book) written in the form of masnawi, on the creation of universe by Islamic Point of View. It also discusses other religions point of view.

Poetry (General) » Chupke Se Uter Mujh Me

Chupke se uter mujh mein, a poetry book of Murtaza Ashar, pakistani poet

Novels (Social Reformal) » Maha Mari

Mahaa Maari is a novel written on Indian Politics and Politicians. The author is Shamoel Ahmed, who has written 3 books of short stories and 2 novels. Moreover, he is writing an huge book of almost 5000 pages on Astrology

Biographies » Meri Mohabbatain

DostoN rishte daaroN ke shakhsi khaake, Character Sketches of friends and relatives by Pakistani Writer Haider Qureshi. This book contains following chapters:

Bergad ka paiR, Maaye ni mein kinuN aakhaN, Daachi waalya mouR mahaar way, Mazloom mutashaddad, Misri ki miThaas or kali mirch ka zaieqah, Ranjhay ke maamuN, Mohabbat ki namnaak khushbu, Pasli ki TeRh, Ujle dil wala, Zindagi ka tasalsulrnUrdu adab ke noble prize, Hum keh Thahre ajnabi, Ahad saaz shakhsiat, Aik udhoora khaka, Buland qaamat adeeb, Saafgo adeeba, Dosti ka kambal, Aajzi ka Ijaz, Mera fesa ghoras, Puraane Adbi Dost


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