Death Island (Mout Ka Jazeera) An Action Adventure Suspense Thriller Story of Destroyed Seaship Survivors

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Death Island (Mout Ka Jazeera) by Aatir Shaheen

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Death Island (Mout Ka Jazeera) by Aatir Shaheen is an adventure story for young pre-teen and teen age readers who like to read action adventure suspense thriller stories. Its a story of a young pakistani boy and 4 other american african travellers who got stuck in Death Island, after their sea ship was invaded by Pirates. All 5 surviving sea ship travellers reached an island and faced many hardships of jungle beasts, cannibal tribesmen, criminal gangs and some other horrible dangers. Death Island is a story giving moral lessons of courage, wisdom, quick thinking and high hopes of survival and defeating the hardships of life.

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