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Aleem ul Haqqi is one of the most read writers of this era. He is writing in top class popular urdu digests for more than 20 years. His writing style and flight of imagination is outclass and he has produced some master piece in urdu literature. One of them is Ishq ka Ain. Infact Ishq ka ain made him famous all over Pakistan. PTV also dramatized this novel with the same name. Later he wrote Ishq ka Sheen, but he could only manage to write half of that huge novel due to his poor health. The second part of the novel wrote someone else.

Qissa Aik Damad ka By Aleem ul Haq Haqqi is an interesting novel. Its a story of a family, one nawab sahib and four brothers, who is searching a perfect son-in-law (damaad) for his daughter. Their quest for a damaad ended on the hero of this novel, who found himself in trouble. We all know Aleem ul Haq Haqqi as a terrific social romantic novel writer as well as excellent translator, who gave his readers some of most popular urdu novels of this age like Ishq ka Ain and Ishq ka sheen. By writing a humorous novel such as Qissa Aik Damad ka, he proved that he can write humour as good as his social romantic themes. This is not only a humourous novel but the language he used in this novel is example of true nastaleeq urdu language, giving reader an option to know and learn the soft urdu words, we don't use in our day to day life any more. Readers will not only enjoy the plot of this novel, funny situations in the story but also will learn the sweetness of urdu language.

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