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Anwar Aligi is a well known name in mystic and action adventure novel writing with different colours and blends. He did his masters in urdu from Ali Garh Muslim, University India. He started his writing career in 1960 and worked in many digests and magazines as editors. Now he is working as Joint Editor in Akhbar-e-Jahan. He has produced many outstanding famous novels like Safed Mehal, Reech ke israr, khali ghar, hoshruba, bichhu, hazar dastan and basera.

Mythologies and supernatural stories have always got the attention of humans. Traditions and Cultures all over the world have their own super natural stories to tell. From ancient ages, well before the written culture, the story tellers (dastan go) used to tell stories of sword and sorcery, majic vs. steel, where brave human heroes fight with evil humans and non-human villains. Alif Laila and Dastan-e-Amir Hamza (aka Talism Hoshruba) Persian Arabic Tales, Fire Breathing Dragons from China and England, snakes turning into human after 100 years tales, baital pachisi and sanghasan batisi from India are only a few to mention. Safaid Mahal by Anwar Aligi is one of them. Its a tale of bravery and courage and a long travel of a young kind hearted man, who explored the deserts, jungles, mountains and seas to find his goal and met many friendly persons of different tribes and cultures and fought with many human as well as non human evils to save the innocents or just to survive himself, with the help of his human companions and super natural forces. Safed Mehal is one of the finest action adventure mystic (purisrar), story filled with all the strange and interesting events.

This Novel is available for ONLINE READING only.
PDF Copy will not be provided on the request of Publisher.

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