Yeh Galian Yeh Chobaray By Faiza Iftikhar: Collection of 4 Excellent Stories on Different Topics

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Yeh Galian Yeh Chobaray is a collection of four stories (Novelets) written by famous urdu woman writer Faiza Iftikhar. All stories are written on very different themes and topics. First story Yeh Galian Yeh Chobaray is based on the lives of men and women of red light area (diamond market). Second story Hum Dasht Thay keh Darya shows the cruel reallity of greedy and ungrateful nature of people. One man gives his whole life to his family and in return he gets cheating and hate in return from his family. Third story Aji Suntay Ho is also on a different theme of unsatisfied partners who think their spouse is not compatible with them and they are superior to them. This story is also very interesting and funny and our readers will love it. Fourth story Ankhon se Meri Dekho, is a lovely romantic story and its end will amaze our readers

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