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The story writer Krishan Chanr was born in 1917 at Lahore. He completed his education in Lahore. He serverd many years in All India Radio then left for Bombay and started writing scripts for movies. There he got a chance to observe deeply the life of movie industry and then he wrote his famous novel on Bombay (Mumbai) Film Industry Chand ka Ghao. He also lived in Kashmir for some years and thats why backgrounds of some of his novels are based on life of Kashmir. He also had interest in poetry. In his stories, one can see the influence of National and International politics. Krishan Chandar died in 1977. In his other written books include, the famous short stories collection Talism Khayal, TooTay hoe Taray, An Data and Hum Wahshi haiN and in Novels, Shikast, Ulta Darakht, Mohabbat bhi Qayamat Bhi

Chalak Khargosh (Clever Rabbit) is an entertaining and moral values teaching story for kids by well known urdu / hindi writer Krishan Chand. Like other fables, this story for the kids also based on a fantasy world and animal characters with their characteristics, like cruelity of wolf and greed of jackals. In children fantasy world, animals harvest the fields, can talk with each other and play, sing and dance. Moon can be captured by throwing net in a pond. The story has everything what kids look in the fables and what should be in the fables like moral  teachings. The different episodes of this long story are separate little adventure of Mr. Bunny and can also be used as stage dramas for kids to be performed in school. The children and adults will find this book equally entertaining

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