Qissa Nisf Sadi Ka by Nawab Mohiuddin (A social reformal thought provoking novel)

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Mohiuddin Nawab Introduction: Mohiuddin Nawab is a sign of good quality and excellent stories. His fans read his stories with their hearts. His pen is like a blade that rips of the body of society and expose all the wounds our society have. No aspect of society is hidden from his sharp eyes. His first story was published some 55 years ago in Romance digest of Karachi. It was his first published story and he won the prize of 50 rupees. After that he wrote over 500 stories so far. He has over 100 books on his credit besides Devta, the longest story of urdu literature and perhaps the worlds longest story. Devta is being published for 31 years in Suspense Digest. He also has written some TV Drama Serials and Films and won cash prize. He is also writing his autobiography with the name of Nawab Biti. Its a long tale and will take many books

Nisf Sadi ka Qissa by Nawab Mohiuddin is a social reformal thought provoking novel based on the behaviour and attitude of people and society of India and Pakistan. Since the formation of Pakistan, we sure have achieved many goals but yet we faced many crisis and lost many valueable things. Qissa Nisf Sadi Ka is a story of a Muslim who were in Congress before India Partition and love his country (India). He wanted to stay there after partition but hindus soon made him clear he does not belong there. When he shifted in Pakistan, the situation remained same. He had to face the same hardships of unjustice and outlaws. The main character of this novel tells his life time story of 54 years and give us the message of hope in end. The fans of Nawab will sure love this story which is an eye opening and message giving piece of writing.

Devta (meaning god in Hinduism) is a serialized fantasy story written in the Urdu language by Mohiuddin Nawab. It has been published monthly for 33 years in the Pakistani magazine Suspense Digest, which is available in Pakistan, India and various parts of world where Urdu is spoken. Devta is fictional autobiography of Farhad Ali Taimur, a man who has gained amazing telepathic powers.
Devta is one of the longest continuously-publishing / published stories ever[citation needed], and continues to add new chapters monthly. It is uncertain when (or if) the story will be completed. It was started in February,1977 and it has been appearing every month in Suspense Digest. It is a non-stop endless story to be continued till the last breath of the writer Mohiuddin Nawab.
Devta has 11206310 words as compared to 2070000 words of MEN OF GOOD WILL by Louis Henri Jean Farigoule alias Jules Romains, of France recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, 1994. Devta has 49 volumes published and volume No(s). 50, 51, 52 & 53 under print as compared to 40 volumes of novel Tokugawa Ieyasu by Sohachi Yamaoka, recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, 1997. Devta has 22412620 characters (=letters) as compared to 9609000 characters of A la Recherche du Temps Perdu (Remembrance of Things Past) by Marcel Proust recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, 1998.

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This novel of Nawab Mohiuddin is published by Ali Mian Publications Lahore.
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