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Muhammad Mubin's introduction who is an award winning short stories and drama writer  

Nai Sadi ka Azaab is a book of collection of his urdu short stories (afsanay) by award winning Indian writer M. Mubin. Nai Sadi ka azaab is a collection of short stories by M. Mubin. The book has these short stories: Inkhala, Wirasat, Masihaie, Azan, Tiryaaq, Tees bachoN ki maaN, Dahshat ka aik din, QaatiloN ke dermayan, Youdha, Bay Jism, Maizan, Tariki, Bay amaaN, Cement mein daba aadmi, qurbatain-faslay, dherna, nai sadi ka azaab.

Following is only a glimpse of the book, "Nai Sadi ka azaab" (Suffering of the new century).

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