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Naseem Hijazi is an Urdu writer who is famous for his Urdu history 
novels. He was born in Pre-Partition India and migrated to Pakistan 
after the Independence from the British Rule. He lived most of his life 
in Pakistan and died in March 1996. 
As a novel writer Naseem Hijazi is regarded as one of the finest 
writers of Urdu language especially in the later 20th Century. Among 
his popular contemporaries were Ibn-e-Safi, Saadat Hasan Manto, and 
Shafiq Ur Rehman. All having their particular line of literature. 
Naseem Hijazi is popular because of his potent and romantic 
description of history. There are only two writers in Urdu prior to 
Hijazi who wrote history novels i.e. Abdul Haleem Sharar and Sadiq Sardhunwi. But Hijazi's writing is most credible in terms of history 
description, whatever he has written is backed by research of 
historical evidence and the novels are always aided with footnotes and 

Naseem Hijazi's work is mostly about islamic history. He has shown both sides of Islamic history i.e. The Rise and The Fall from grace. 
His novels like Muhammad Bin Qasim, Akhri Maarka, Qaiser O Qisra 
(Ceaser of Rome and Qisra of Persia) and Qafla-e-Hijaz describe the 
era of Islam's rise to political, military, economic and educational 
While Yousuf Bin Tashfin, Shaheen, Kaleesa 
Aur Aag (Church and Fire), and Andheri Raat Ke Musafir describe 
the period of Spanish Reconquista. In one of these novels (Kaleesa 
Aur Aag) he has painfully, yet truthfully, mirrored the infamous 
Inquisition that targeted Jews in the start and Moriscos or Muslims 
In Akhri Chataan, he describes the Central Asian conquests of 
Genghis Khan and his destruction of Khwarizm Sultanate. The novel 
is beautifully executed that shows the brutal conquests of the 
Mongols, the military geniuses of Genghis Khan, the undying will 
power of Sultan Jalad ad Din Khwarzim Shah and the unworthy 
condition of Abbassid Caliphate of Baghdad. 
He wrote two sequential novels on British conquest of India, and 
wonderfully describes the ills of India after the collapse of Mughal 
Empire. The story, Muazzam Ali, starts a little before the Battle of 
Plassey. The lead character, Muazzam Ali joins the freedom fight 
against the British in Siraj ud Daula's army. The story goes around as 
the character moves from one place of India to another in search of the 
lost glory and freedom. He takes part in the third war of Panipat and 
finally settles in Srirangapattana that was growing in power under the 
towering personality of Haider Ali. The book ends almost around the death of Haider Ali. The second book, Aur Talwar Toot Gayee (And 
the Sword is Broken) is more about Haider's son Tipu Sultan where 
the same character is finding his dreams being fulfilled in Tipu's 
valiant endeavors against the British East India Company. 
He also has written a novel on Independence of Pakistan named Khak 
Aur Khoon. Many believed that the novel was his own story.

Naseem Hijazi has immensely influenced his readers both in and out 
of Pakistan. He has been one of the key source of Islamist ideologies 
in Pakistan and has worked as a key ideology and valour upgrade 
during the Afghan-Soviet Jehad. Many Pakistani educated youngsters 
throughout 1950s till today are believed to be emotionally and 
ideologically inspired by his writings. Even after his death, he enjoys 
a very large reader base. 

Three of Naseem Hijazi's novels have been dramatised. Akhri Chataan 
and Shaheen were dramatised in 1980s and were telecasted on 
Pakistan Television Corporation as independent Drama Serials. Akhri 
Chataan is considered to be the greatest Historic attempt ever made by 
PTV. The theme songs of the Drama and the profound acting of Salim 
Nasir as Sultan Jalal ad Din won all round applause. 

The Novel Khak Aur Khoon was dramatised into a movie with the 
same name and is one of few block buster movies that Lollywood or 
Lahore film industry ever produced.

Novels/Books by Naseem Hijazi Khaak aur Khoon  Yousuf bin Tashfin  Aakhri Chataan  Aakhari Marka  Andheri Raat Ke Musafir  Aur Talwar Toot Gai  Daastaan-e-Mujahid  Gumshuda Qaafley  Insaan Aur Devta  Kaleesa Aur Aag  Muazzam Ali  Muhammad Bin Qasim  Pakistan Se Diyare Haram Tak  Pardesi Darakht  Pouras Key Hathi  Qafla-e-Hijaz  Qaisar-o-Kisra  Saqafat Ki Talaash  Shaheen  So Saal Baad  Safayed Jazeera]

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