Ishq Ka Qaaf (Social Romantic Reformal Novel on the step by step journey of True Love) by Sarfraz Ahmed Rahi

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Ishq ka qaaf by Sarfraz Ahmed Rahi is a long novel based on the topic of love. It discusses the path and travel from Ishq-e-Majazi to Ishq-e-Haqiqi. Love is deeper than occeans and Rahi has truly dived deep into it.
He is an Pakistani Novelist and General Book Writer / Compiler, who has many books on his credit. He had worked for many local magazines / digests as Editor. The Novel Ishq ka qaaf is his latest one. He is also awarded a gold medal for performance by two recognized organizations. He has wrote -Aaqa Aaqa- (natia majmua), -Ahkamat-e-Quran or hamari zindagi-, -seeratun nabi- (quiz book), -duaoN or wazaie ka encyclopedia-, -Kero ki Palmistry-, -sarab-, -bhainT-, -saya-, -diwana iblees-, -Doosra Janam-, -Muskurahat ki mout

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