Ibn-e-Adam (Son of Adam) Bint-e-Hawa (Daughter of Eve) Social Romantic Novels by Saima Akram Chaudhary

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Ibne Adam Binte Hawa by Saima Akram

of Book:

Ibn-e-Adam by Saima Akram Chaudhary is a Master Piece in her Social Romantic Urdu Novels Collection. She is very popular among female novel readers because of her unique writing style. The choice of the characters of the Novel is excellent and their dialogues, professions and passions are really fascinating. Both Khizar and Natasha, the Hero and Heroine of the Novel are professionals and have a mutual feelings of love. The theme of Novel is very interesting and different. The way in which the passionate lover is falling in love with another girl, in spite of her most beautiful fiancé is somewhat strange, but may be it is the weakness of a Man (Ibn-e-Adam) being shown in the character of Khizar. The beauty of confession of his weakness and flaw in before Natasha is heart touching. The Novelette Bint e Hawa is 2nd story included in this book. She has very beautifully shown different aspects of women life and their problems and also the solutions for them. She also portrayed different reasons because of which an eastern woman (Bint-e-Hawa) is unable to cope with the difficulties created in her life by others in a Pakistani Muslim Society.

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