Chiraghe Manzil by Dr. Abu Talib Ansari; Advice giving wise and smart tips to live a better life

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Dr. Abu Talib Ansari is an Indian, a Doctor by Profession and has keen interest in urdu literature especially of Medical and History related. Chiraghe Manzil is a unique and informative positive work of Dr. Abu Talib Ansari.

Chiraghe Manzil is a unique and informative positive work of Dr. Abu Talib Ansari. Young generation does not like to be advised by adults. But adults can advise youngsters in a way they won't mind. The best way is to guide them indirect in story telling way. In past, Sheikh Saadi, Molana Roomi and in this age Ashfaq Ahmad (zavia fame) has done outstanding work. Chiraghemanzil is alike. The invitation to think broadly and act positively is the aim of this book. This book will show many colours of life and great moral lessons to its readers. Following topics are the sample of this book: Arzoo, Ideal, Intiqam, Imtihan, Insaniat, Abraham Linkon, Behroopia, buland fikri, phaphoond, perdes, tang nazri, takmeel shakhsiat, kirdar sazi, taj mahal, chimgadar, miss universe, khud gharzi, dolat ka ambar, raisham ka keeRa, somnath, sikanjbeen, shikar qumragha, tufaili jandar, ilm ki ahmiat, ghalt simt, khilona, kai, courier service, leechi, mojza, mansuba bandi, masrufiat, mother teresa, muhammad ali boxer, wirasat, wonder boy

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