Hamood ur Rehman Commission Report (The Story of Last Signal) Collection of Articles Columns Interviews Letters by Tariq Ismail Sagar

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A master at work. Tariq Ismail Sagar's tales of espionage are second to none. He is Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum & Alistair Maclean - all three in one. The reason why he is the best on this side of the subcontinent where it comes to spy thrillers is that he knows what he's talking about. His book was published more than 30 times due to popular demand.
Tariq Ismail Sagar's knowledge of intelligence agencies is second to none. Numerous writers inspired by Sagar's work have tried to write about these intelligence agencies (often copying Sagar's work word for word), however, Sagar's books are the only books that have successfully withstood both public and government scrutiny. One of his previous efforts, 'RAW', still a topseller in Pakistan has been translated into English and is only the second comprehensive book ever written about the infamous RAW (the first was written in the 70s). Meeting an ex-RAW agent in London prompted Tariq Ismail Sagar, an extremely popular fiction writer, to write about India's foremost Intelligence Agency.
The information and accounts of RAW presented in that book are hard to believe and at first the author too was skeptical but when the agent provided the author with irrefutable proof, Tariq Ismail Sagar knew that he had to inform his readers about the workings of RAW

Hamood ur Rehman Commission Report (Akhri  Signal Ki Kahani) is a book of collection of articles essays columns letters and interviews of different persons engaged in the sad incident of Fall of Dhaka aka Partition of Pakistan and Formation of Bangla Desh. Hamdoor ur Rehman Commissioned Report covered the causes of this sad incident but it never got published even after 30 years of the Fall of Dhaka. Following are the topics / chapters of this book: Hadsay Ki Kahani Hadsaat Ki Zubani, Story of Last Moment in American Columnist Anderson Words, Mystry of American Naval Ship, Role of America in Dhaka Fall, Memories of Dr. Henry Alfred Kissinger, Story of Last Signal, General Niazi letter to Dr. Henry, A Journal of Army Officer, Reasons for partition, Why China did not help in 1971. We are sure our history students will love this book and find out how pakistani rulers were then and how they are now

This Book is available for ONLINE READING only.
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