Sulagtay Chahray by Zubaria Sahir (Social Reformal Romantic Story n Heart Touching Novel)

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Sulagtay Chahray by Zubaria Sahir is an excellent social reformal romantic story of one brave girl who has to face this cruel man dominant society and fight back for the sake of her own survival and to support her family. She has to face problem on her every step but she never surrendered. The story tells the hardships a working girl has to face when she steps out of her house. She crossed many hurdles with a little help of her unknown sincere friend yet she kept moving on for her family sake and the betterment of her family, especially sisters

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Sulagtay Chahray, Zubaria Sahir, Social Reformal Romantic Story of a brave girl, face the cruel world, man dominant society, fight back for survival, support the family, face the hardships of life, hardships a working girl has to face, hurdles of life, Life continous struggle, Ups and downs of life, Moral lessons to sacrifice for others.

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